Best Gift Ideas for Active Men

Best Gift Ideas for Active Men

Is there an active man in your life you would wish to surprise with a gift that is perfectly suited for him? Are you looking for a present that will blow him away, and leave this special man amazed at your ability to pick this one item that he really wanted to have? Although each active man is different and you cannot expect your man to appreciate something just because some other man likes it, there are certain gifts that all active men value. Nonetheless, you will still need to know your man inside and out in terms of his needs and interests in order to get him that ‘special’ gift.

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, there are many gift ideas for active men that you could try out depending on your budget and his particular inclinations.

Fitness gear

Keeping fit is synonymous with active men. There is a wide variety of fitness and health items that you can buy for your man. Actually, you don’t have to go to the expensive fitness equipment, such as gym machines. Simple and affordable items like a wireless personal trainer, running shoes, fitness DVDs, boxing and training bags, personalized armbands and bandanas, massage bed, acupuncture mat, leash and running belts (for an active man who loves pets), Push-ups counter, personal cooling cloth, protein shakes, health meter scales and so forth, will do. Basically, when it comes to fitness gear, the options are endless. Just think of something that your man would really wish to have.

Cold-weather clothing

Any active man would appreciate some cold-weather clothing to put on while outdoors during winter and early mornings, or late evenings when it is cold. You can find a huge selection of quality cold-weather clothing both in online and offline clothing stores. Clothing items, such as pullovers, outdoor jackets, and gloves will be great for your man, especially if he is into outdoor activities. While shopping, pick something that is stylish, breathable, stretchy, strong and most of all comfortable. If he loves sports, clothing items that are specifically branded with his favorite team’s colors will be a great option.


There is a broad spectrum of gadgets that are specifically designed for active men. They range from gadgets that are specifically designed to aid men in their training or in their outdoor activities to things like iPods to provide them with entertainment during workouts. Some of the gadgets you could buy for your man include: heart rate monitor, GPS device, iPod, camera, sports watch, Bluetooth wireless earbuds, alarm clock, personal trainer, and much more. By searching online, you will certainly come across something that your man would find useful in his active lifestyle.

Hiking and camping gear

If your man is into outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and taking nature walks, you can find many great items that he would love to have. They include carrying items, such as waist packs, belts, backpacks, and walking sticks or staffs. You could also opt to buy him something from a wide variety of items that make up essential gear for camping like a trendy flashlight, pocket knife, multi-tool, compass, first aid kit, footwear, hydration packs, sunglasses, and clothing items such as jackets, pullovers and warm gloves. Outdoor adventure gift cards are another item that your man would appreciate.

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