Artichokes microwave

Can You Microwave Artichokes?

Question:  Can you microwave artichokes? Can artichokes be microwaved?

Short Answer: Yes. You can absolutely, positively microwave artichokes.

Long Answer:  First of all, chefs are introducing us to something the grocery stores have now, microwaveable bags of artichokes.  You simply open the bag, add your flavorings and spices and sauces, close the bag and microwave for about seven minutes or until tender

Artichokes used to be one of the most intimidating foods to work with, too complex.  Things have become so much easier. Let’s look at another method of microwaving them.

Microwaving Artichokes:

  1. Rinse really good in cold water, may even want to do a cold water bath for ten to 15 minutes if they’re really dirty.
  2. Pull off the random leaves around the stem.
  3. Trim the stem off. Score the remaining bit of stem on the bottom and rub it with lemon. Artichokes have an enzyme that causes them to oxidize or turn brown when cut into. You need to use stainless steel knife to avoid this, no aluminum or iron.  Yes, aluminum foil will also cause this effect. Rubbing lemon on the cut edges counter acts it.
  4. Work your way over the artichoke trimming the top quarter of each leaf off with regular kitchen scissors and rubbing with lemon as you go. This part is not edible.
  5. When you get to the top where the leaves are tightly compressed, cut that top bit off, rub with lemon.
  6. Place in microwavable dish stem side down.
  7. Pour half cup of water, one third cup of olive oil into the dish and squeeze half a lemon over the artichokes.
  8. Put plastic wrap or a plate over the dish and microwave for approximate 20 minutes or until a knife inserts easily to show tenderness.

Artichokes are technically immature flower buds from whistle plants.  You can eat almost the whole thing. It’s high in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. They got a bad rap for being to tough to work with. Well, now artichokes are coming back.

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