Can You Microwave Asparagus?

Question: Can you microwave asparagus? What are the best ways to cook asparagus in the microwave?

Short Answer: Greetings to all, you can always microwave asparagus with ease.

Longer Answer: To be factual, the answer is simply yes. Do you know that microwaving asparagus remains easy and simple? Before getting started with the process take some time to clean your asparagus properly. Cleaning asparagus should be done beneath cold tap water. This is because asparagus comes with tough and spongy stalks.

Ensure that at least one third of the stalk at the bottom is removed. Another important thing to know is measuring the actual areas of the stalk that can be removed. Remember that asparagus can be found in a variety of lengths. Go ahead to bend a spear of the plant.

Can you microwave asparagus? Watch the tender to tough areas to see how the stalk of asparagus snaps. If you want to trim the rest of the asparagus, simply make use of the first spear from your practice.

Ways To Cook Asparagus In The Microwave:

1. One third of the stalk of asparagus should be removed before you start cooking in the microwave. Usually, the difference in the tough and tender areas will help you discover where the asparagus stalk snaps.

2. When cleaning the bottom part of the plant, ensure that one third of the stalk is removed. Using the same idea from the first step will help you determine where to cut off.

3. Add water and the asparagus in a cooking container. Go ahead to put all spears of the plant into the container or dish. In this step, you have to make a tiny hope or space to get rid of steam and covering your cooking container.

4. Finally, the cooking pot should be allowed a space of three minutes to boil. After boiling, you will have to allow about thirty seconds of your cooking pot to remain in the microwave.

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