Can You Microwave Corningware?

Question: Can you microwave Corningware? Can you use Corningware in a microwave?

Short Answer: Yes, you can microwave Corningware.

Longer Answer: Corningware is one of the most common baking dishes on the market today. Their brand has been around for decades so their products have been able to stay with the times regarding being able to put them in the microwave, oven, and even on the electric stovetops.

If you take a look at Corningware website, it specifies that the French White and Gold products are microwave safe and that even though the gold brand on the dishes may deter people from putting them in the microwave, the Gold is specially made not to be a conductor, therefore entirely safe for your microwave and family. So you better choose Gold.

Nothing is better than being able to make something in a dish, refrigerate it, then pull it out and quickly pop it into the microwave when you are ready to make it. One dish dinners are always a crowd pleaser, and cleanup is even easier to do.

For best results, you should follow specific care instructions printed on each dish’s underside.

Extreme temperature shifts may fracture CorningWare products. For this reason, do not use CorningWare dishes to heat prepackaged convenience frozen foods or microwave popcorn. These items typically contain special browning wrappers that generate excess heat and can make more damage.

Some microwave ovens feature built-in browning elements designed to crisp food. To prevent potential breakage, never use the CorningWare in conjunction with a browning feature. Also, avoid heating an empty or partially-filled CorningWare dish; choose CorningWare dishes which appropriately accommodate food quantity.

Soaking a CorningWare dish in water for very long periods of time may negatively impact the product’s ability to withstand repeated microwave use and damaged it. Do not microwave products like CorningWare Portables carrying cases or CorningWare SimplyLite Bamboo Servers.

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