Can you microwave hotdogs?

Question: Can you microwave hotdog? Can you put a hotdog in a microwave?

Short Answer: Yes, you can microwave hotdog in a microwave.

Longer Answer:  The easiest way to cook hot dog is to microwave it. Hotdog is the favorite fast food in America and now is also popular all over the world. The hot dog is also famous for barbeque parties and tailgating. There are different ways to cook hot dogs however if you are making hotdogs for just one or two persons, the fastest and simplest way to cook hotdog is to microwave it. It will take less than 1 minute to cook a hotdog in a microwave. By following the steps below, you can microwave hotdog.

  1. You will need a microwave-safe plate and paper towels. Place the paper towels on the plate. Now place the hotdog on the paper towel. This will absorb excess moisture and fat that seeps out of the hotdog while cooking.
  2. Poke the hotdog with a fork to make holes. This will allow steam to escape from inside the hotdog and prevent it from exploding.
  3. To retain the juice inside the hotdog, you can roll the hotdog with the paper towel.
  4. Turn the microwave to high heat for about 50 seconds for one hotdog or 1 minute for two hotdogs. The more hotdogs you put in the microwave, the longer you need to cook.
  5. You can also check your hotdogs and adjust the cooking time accordingly. As hotdogs are pre-cooked, you need not cook for long. Once the hot dog is hot enough, it is ready to eat.
  6. Carefully remove the hotdog from the microwave. Use oven gloves while removing the plate from inside the oven as well as for removing the paper towel used to wrap the hotdog.
  7. You can now enjoy your hotdog with any toppings of your choice.

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