Can You Microwave Mushrooms?

Simple answer: Yes

Mushrooms are a great delicacy and you can excellently microwave them without the use of oil or butter. You can microwave them whole or diced up into smaller pieces. It is advisable not to consume them raw for their digestibility. First of all, the microwave ensures that your mushrooms are in contact with heat for shorter durations of time. So in overall, microwaving them ensures that the nutritional value is not destroyed by long durations of heat when cooking the mushrooms.

You may not have tried it in the past, but microwaving mushrooms is not so complicated.

What you require for the process of microwaving mushrooms.

  1. A good bowl, preferably with a cover. Please note that this must be made of microwavable material.
  2. Remove the stems off the mushroom. Do this tenderly to preserve the look of the canopy of the mushroom. Dice up the mushroom with a sharp kitchen knife. Some may just require you to cut them in half

The target is to ensure that you attain the preferred tenderness after you cook the mushrooms. Place the ready mushrooms into the bowl and have it covered up. Next, put them in the microwave and subject them to instances of 2 to 3 minutes of intense cooking. After the initial cooking, pay attention to the point on tenderness. If the first phase did not attain that, do not worry. You proceed to cook them for instances of 30 seconds while you keep a close look on the tenderness.   Repeat the process until the tenderness of the mushroom is at you best.

Last point:

Right before you remove your bowl from the microwave, ensure that all the water has evaporated from the bottom of the bowl. The mushroom can be prepared to accompany other recipes. Do not shy away. Lastly, spike up your creativity and get more beyond the microwaved mushroom, like filling them with bread crumbs.

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