Can you microwave paper plates?

Question: Can you microwave paper plates? Can you put paper plates in the microwave?

Short Answer: Yes, you can microwave paper plates.

Longer Answer: Most paper plates can be microwaves and will not catch fire. However, you must also check first if the paper plate is microwavable. As paper plates are cheap and because of its handiness, it has found its way into our kitchen. Paper plates can be easily disposed of in the recycling bins after using them, and it saves you from washing dishes especially during a big gathering. Paper plates are safer to microwave than any other material like plastic or polystyrene. Paper plates do not exude any poisonous or toxic gas when heated. Although most paper plates are microwavable, here are few things you should consider before putting paper plates inside the microwave.

  1. Always make sure the paper plate has the microwave-safe symbol.
  2. Use only the white paper plates on edible items. Try to avoid using colorful paper plates as the paint or coloring may not react well when heated which can contaminate your food.
  3. Paper plates should be made from hundred percent paper product. Paper plates that are waxed or lined with a thin layer of plastics are not microwavable.
  4. Ensure that the paper plate is thick and sturdy. You can also use other microwavable support if you are using thin paper plates.
  5. Do not use paper bowls as they tend to flatten inside the microwave especially for soup food. It will make a big mess inside the microwave. Even if you do use paper bowls, do not heat for long and take it out before it flattens.
  6. Use paper plates only to reheat food items and not for cooking.
  7. Do not microwave paper plates for more than two minutes.

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