Can You Microwave Rubber?

Question: Can you microwave rubber and what types of rubber are safe to put in the microwave oven?

Short Answer: For certain types of rubber, yes.

Longer Answer:  First of all, you should follow a few simple steps:

  • Make sure that you are allowed to use your microwave for this purpose
  • Take a small piece of rubber for microwaving
  • Set your microwave at medium power
  • Microwave rubber for less than 1 minute

The most obvious result will be a piece of melted rubber and a mess on your microwave glass dish.

Cheering news for all of us is that rubber differs and there really are some types of it that resist extreme temperatures, both low and high.

There even exist big reusable rubber bands for multiple purposes like gardening, building, or cooking (e.g. to secure cling wrap on a pan), or any other sphere where small bands just can’t do their job. Believe it or not but they are labeled as freezer and microwave safe ones.

So if you decided to cook or heat something in a silicone rubber container which is marked as heat-resistant, don’t hesitate to place it in the microwave and switch on.

We came to the conclusion that some rubbers like food containers are safe to the microwave while others are just inappropriate for a microwave oven.

Here are just a few things made from rubber that do not go in microwave oven:

  • Surgical gloves, birth control devices
  • Chew toys that are for babies or pets
  • Erasers, mouse pads, headphone pads
  • Flip-flops, rubber balls

Microwave oven heating technology is very successful thanks to its indisputable advantages:

  • Fast and efficient for materials that can poorly conduct heat (like rubber)
  • Rapidly heats interiors of the material
  • Instant on/off button that does not require additional warm-up or cool down of the material

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