Can you microwave Tupperware?

Question: Can you microwave Tupperware? Can you put Tupperware in the microwave?

Short Answer: Yes, some Tupperware products can be put in a microwave.

Longer Answer: You can microwave Tupperware products that have microwave-safe icons. Tupperware products are known all over the world for its quality and design. To ensure all Tupperware products are safe, Tupperware uses only the best materials approved by the EFSA and FDA. Tupperware do not use polyethylene terephthalate nor polyvinyl chloride or polystyrene. Tupperware is also Bisphenol-A free; therefore it makes Tupperware products safe for the microwave. You can put Tupperware in the microwave if you adhere to the following manufacturer guidelines.

  1. Always check the Tupperware product for the microwave-safe icon before using it in a microwave.
  2. Do not use Tupperware in an oven, over the grill or convection microwave.
  3. Tupperware can be used for reheating in the microwave without any effect on the food.
  4. Do not microwave a small amount of food that has high sugar or fat content in a Tupperware. Be careful when you reheat food that is oily or packed with sugar.
  5. Except for the UltraPro range of Tupperware, do not use in cooking even if it has the microwavable sign.
  6. The Standard microwave-safe Tupperware is only meant for re-heating food. Do not use to them for cooking.
  7. Reheating of food items will cause staining because of the natural colorants found in vegetables.
  8. The Standard microwavable Tupperware should be heated on medium heat. Do not microwave Tupperware for reheating on high heat.
  9. Tupperware microwave containers should never be used in a convection oven.
  10. Always makes sure that you use oven gloves to handle the heated container.
  11. If you happen to overheat, do not handle the container before letting it cool down.

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