Can You Microwave Wine?

Question: Can you microwave wine and if you can, is there a difference in microwaving them with all the different ones out there?

Short answer: Yes, you can!

Long answer: Microwaving wine is used to bring chilled wine to serving temperature. This is often used for red wines to bring it to room temperature. But it’s crucial not to overheat it.

Wine is kept in the fridge for a reason. That is to make it last longer and slows down the oxidizing process. It would go through faster if it was left out in room temperature.

The type of wine we are using will depend on how long you microwave it, or if you have to microwave it at all. The wines that don’t need to be microwaved are rosès and smooth white wines. When microwaving wine please follow these steps:

  1. Step one, be sure to take all metal parts off the bottle, including seals around the neck of the bottle. Leaving the cork in the bottle is not a problem because there is not enough air between the bottle and the cork to cause any pressure for it to explode.
  2. If the bottle cannot fit in your microwave, heating it in a Pyrex glass measuring cup is recommended. This simple alternative is good because there is even heating throughout the wine.
  3. Pour the desired amount of wine into a Pyrex glass measuring cup. Heat for 10 to 15 seconds. Stir the wine couple of times and check to see if the wine is heated up enough. If you poured a very large amount into the Pyrex and it is still not warm enough, put it in the microwave again for another 10 seconds. It should be warm enough by then and if not keep doing 5-10 second intervals until you get the desired temperature you want.

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