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Dosh App: Short Review


Nowadays, many people are getting a second or even a third job just to make both ends meet. With the economic crisis that many people are experiencing, they are finding ways to augment what is lacking. Good thing there are people with brilliant minds that created programs intended for mobile phones that will somehow generate a few bucks just by tapping along.

Credit cards are a mainstay in people’s lives especially to those who do not carry cash with them. Although many love spending using the card but just the same, many of them dread the day when the due dates come. But then again there are perks that come with using it that is why people still use it for convenience and the rewards.

The Dosh is a mobile application that gives you cash back every time you shop using your credit card. When many people hear the word “cash back” the next thing that usually pops in mind is that if the mobile app is legit or not. You cannot blame them are there are many scammers around.

So what really is Dosh?

Dosh is the latest mobile applications for the iOS and Android phones that was founded by businessman Ryan Wuerch who is also the man behind the MLM Company Solavei. It is a cash back application that was released only in April of last year but it is already gaining popularity for many. The fact is there are many cash back applications intended for mobile phones but what made the Dosh app different from the rest is that there is no need for you to scan or take pictures of your receipts or other proofs of transactions to earn your cash back reward. What you simply need to do is to link your credit card to the Dosh app and you will get the cash back right after you make a qualified transaction.

In order to start earning cash backs, interested users from the United States with a non-VoIP mobile phone number will just download the free mobile application from the Apple Store or the Google Play. Just to remind you that maybe you will be encountering minor glitches when using the app and that is because the app is still in beta version.

How Does Dosh Work

The Dosh app aims to give back cash to people who used their credit card that was linked to the app. Mind you; the Dosh app does not give points or credits but instead, they reward actual cash.

In order to avail of the cash back reward, you must download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on the kind of smartphone you are using. Once downloaded, you sign up, link your card and you are good to go. There will be a $5 sign-up bonus for each credit card that you link to the app. That itself is already a hand-out.

To be able to earn your first cash back reward, you have to make your first purchase from either an online store or an actual store. Dosh has listed its partner stores that give cash back to their valued clients. The following list is some of the stores and other establishments that offer different cash back:

2% cash back – Sam’s Club and Cost Plus World Market

3% cash back – Pizza Hut

5% cash back – Pier 1 Imports, Vineyard Vines, Payless, Dunkin, Jack in the Box, Barb Box, Snapfish

6% cash back – Edible Arrangements, Ray-ban, The Body Shop

7% cash back – Mama Fu’s Asian House

8% cash back – Sephora

10% cash back –, Harry & David

Other Features

Aside for the fact that you will earn a reward on your sign-up and on every purchase you make using Dosh, you will also earn $5 for every referral that you make. So the more friends that you invite to join Dosh, the more incentives you will be receiving. Also, watch out for promotions where referral bonus would as $8 to $15. Aside from referring friends, you can also refer establishments to Dosh. As soon as you agree with the terms and conditions laid by the Dosh app, you accomplish and submit the form found on the app.

What is beautiful with this kind of referral is that whatever the business establishment will receive from Dosh in the span of 2 years, you will get 20% of the fees. The size of the commercial establishment will greatly affect the reward that you will be receiving. The bigger the business, the bigger the reward you will receive. That is why many individuals have made referring businesses their major source of income.

Mentioned above are the establishments that cater to clients with Dosh app. The advantage of living in a big city is that there are many retail stores, food establishments, supermarkets and gas stations. Therefore, there is a big chance that you will receive bigger cash back.

Another additional feature of the Dosh app is that it will notify the Dosh users if there are deals near you.

Cashing Out the Cash Back Reward

There are several ways to cash out the incentives that you have received from Dosh. One is via PayPal and the other is via direct deposit. However, you can only do so if you have reached a minimum amount of $15 and up to a maximum of $600. Anything more than $600 will require you to submit 1099 form to Dosh. The moment you are eligible, you make a request for the withdrawal and once approved you have to wait for two to three business days until you received the cash back.


Using the Dosh app is very easy, however, one major drawback is not everyone can use it. At present, it is only available to US residents. And just like any mobile application, the Dosh app is not exempted from flaws. There are minor glitches every now and then like linking credit cards, few partner merchants and their customer service are not that exemplary. But other than that, the Dosh app can be a very good source of a passive income. If you want to know if it is legit or not, why not see it for yourself besides you have nothing to lose.

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