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If you are looking for a mobile application that allows you send money to your kids without the hassle, then the Greenlight app is perfect for you.

Tim Sheehan, the founder of Greenlight, has found a great solution of sending money to kids. According to him, he and his wife had concerns with regard to giving money to their children when they need it for school or other important matters. It is because they are not bringing cash with them most of the time since they are making their transactions using credit cards and debit cards.

Because of Mr. Sheehan’s experience with financial services and technology, he came with a solution and that is the Greenlight mobile application which he launched in 2014.

He did not only base the mobile application from their family’s experience but he also asked 2000 parents to know their standpoint with regard to this matter. And the conclusion of his study showed that many parents are looking for ways to make giving the children money for their needs easier.

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How Greenlight Works

Greenlight is a mobile application and at the same time a prepaid debit card that allows parents to send their children spending money

To be able to use the application, the parents should download the Greenlight Debit Card for Kids application on your mobile phone mobile phone. It is on the Iphone’s App Store and Google’s Play Store and the good news is that the application is FREE! Once done, sign up and complete the needed personal and banking information. Your account details are important because it is where the money that will be sent to the kids be taken from.

What is more astonishing with this mobile app is that you not only can you send money to your kids easily but also you have control over where they use it and how they use it.

For instance, your kid, John, is asking you for $25 to buy for school supplies from Target. What you will do is go to the Greenlight app on your phone, select John, whom you are sending the money, add the $25 to his account and add a Greenlight for a specific store, in this case, Target, and/or a specific category, which is school supplies.

Immediately, your son John will receive the money on his debit card but he can only use the money for buying school supplies from Target and not anything else. If your child uses his debit card for other transactions, automatically it will be declined.

Another brilliant feature of this app is that every time your kid uses the card, you will be notified via the app. Not only can you see their spending but also follow through there every transaction.

In case your child needs more than what you send him, he can request for additional funds. But you have the option whether to deny it or approve the request.

Security Feature

Kids will always be kids and it is not far if somewhere along the way they would misplace or lost the Greenlight debit card. Instantly you can lock the card with the mobile app on your phone. But the truth is, if someone other than your child takes a hold of the debit card, that person will have a hard time using it because he does not know where the card is only allowed to be used. Second is you will be immediately notified by the app if it is being used. And third, the thief is not guaranteed that there is money on the debit card.

Other than that, you can restrict the access of your child’s debit card from following transactions but not limited to, according to the app’s website.

  1. Money orders
  2. Wire transfers
  3. Massage parlors
  4. Escort Services
  5. Gambling
  6. Lotteries

Greenlight’s Fees

Although getting the mobile app is free, a monthly charge of $4.99 is being collected from every Greenlight account. But that amount is already enough to cover up to five debit cards. So if you have five children, you can easily manage their allowance using just one mobile app. However, if you are not yet fully satisfied with what you have read, The Greenlight app is offering free 30 days free trial period and after which you decide whether to continue your account or not.


As of writing, the Greenlight Debit Card for Kids and Teens has received 4.8 out of 5 stars from 12,237 ratings in the iPhone’s App Store. It also ranks #106 free apps in the finance category.  Most parents have positive comments with regard to the app and the debit card but there were minor issues along the way that the developer responds the issues and queries almost immediately.

The minor issues and concerns of many parents include replacement of lost cards and the recurring monthly fees.


Certainly, in a fast-paced world where almost every parent is busy making both ends meet and where the technology is ever-changing, the Greenlight app for kids and teens is a great way to give children their money allowance without having to go to the bank or ATM to withdraw cash. Also, the app allows you to monitor the spending and the saving incurred by your children without having the guilt of invading their privacy. More so, the mobile app is teaching your children to be responsible with their money.  They are also taught to create saving goals for the leisure and other wants.

If there is a setback to the app, it would be its functionality and its availability. We all know that not all parents are tech savvy and a small glitch along the way could greatly affect its functionality to these parents. The app is only available to the US market. So if you are in other parts of the world, you can access this mobile app.

Overall, this app is very promising for families who want to manage their finances wisely. And it is also very appropriate to many parents who do not bring cash with them. You can see for yourself and try the free 30-day trial period and be the judge.

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