How to Buy a Cordless Drill

How to Buy a Cordless Drill

Whether you need to fix some things around your home or get some work done professionally, a cordless drill is essential to have. One of these can allow you to do a wide variety of projects that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do! There are a lot of cordless drills out there, so choosing the right one for you can seem like a challenge. This guide will help you decide on which to buy so you don’t have to spend more time choosing than is necessary.

1. Size

There are many different sizes of drills to accommodate all types of people. Those that are small are generally lightweight and best for occasional use. These are great for anyone who plans on using the drill around the house and doesn’t want something heavy to lug around. Those that are large are great for professionals or anyone who is doing a lot of house projects that take a lot of work to get done.

2. Power

Anyone looking to use the drill often should grab a drill that has more power. Generally 12 volts is enough for most people, but there are units out there that go up to 18 volts. Keep in mind that the more power the drill has, the heavier it is going to be. The extra power will be worth it, though, if you are drilling through hard materials.

3. Battery

The batteries that drills come with will not last forever. They have to be charged on a daily basis or else they will stop working. If you plan on using the unit for a lot of work then you’ll have to check the battery life that the packaging says. Keep in mind this will vary based on the use of the drill.

5. Speed

When you look at the packaging of different drills you will see that there are RPMs listed. This is the speed of the drill, which will vary with different units. The lowest speeds you will see are 500 RPMs while the highest is around 1200. 500 is generally enough for anyone who wants to casually use one of these.


– If you are shopping inside of a retail store and not online, hold the drill to get an idea of what it feels like. You might find that some are uncomfortable to hold because they are too thick or heavy. While you will get used to the drill after a while, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing so.

– Some drills can be expensive so it’s a good idea to look for coupons or online promotion codes when shopping. There are also a lot of mail-in rebate offers out there to take advantage of.

– Read reviews online before making your final decision on a purchase. This will ensure you are making the right choice and getting a product that is truly worth your money. You can read reviews on a lot of different websites, which means they aren’t difficult to find.

– Know what the warranty is with the drill before buying. These will generally cover broken parts for years while you own the unit.

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