how to cover up a bruise

How to Cover Up a Bruise

Whether you got your bruise in a fitness class or just a nasty fall, one thing is for sure, you are going to have a hard time covering it up if you do not know how to go about it all. Instead of covering your whole face or even worse yet locking yourself up in the house, you could learn how to cover up a bruise and go one with your activities as usual. Your first interview or first day in college does not have to be shattered by a mere bruise, learn how to cover up a bruise using the following information.

Use Makeup to Cover Up a Bruise

While makeup might seem like the solution for every woman’s problem, it actually works well to cover up bruises. Still, you should know that the makeup only works when you know how to use it, otherwise, you might end up looking like a clown. In this case, you should use a concealer. Shop for a concealer that has a yellow base to offset the blue discoloring and conceal the bruise. Still, be keen not to press too hard on the bruise. Pat the concealer into your skin and finish off by dusting translucent powder to stop the concealer from budging. Please note that this method of covering up a bruise is only applicable in the case that there are no open wounds.

Invest in commercial bruise covering kits

brown spots covering kitThe commercial bruise covering kits are the same ones that are used to hide tattoos. They work quite well since they come with full instructions on how to use them. All in all, it is best to have a talk with a pharmacist on the safest commercial bruise covering kits available in the market.

Distract attention from the bruised area

In the case that you have an open wound and still want to use make as a way of covering up your bruise; you should try focusing attention on other areas. For example, if you have a bruise on your chin, you could apply more makeup on your eyes to distract peoples’ attention.

Mauve lipstick

Still on makeup, a mauve stick works well enough when it comes to covering up a bruise. In fact, it is far much easier to use since all you have to do is apply it over the bruise and rub it over until it blends in with your skin tone.

Use your hair

In the case that the bruise happens to be in your face, especially on areas around the forehead and cheeks; you could use your hair to cover it up. Wear your hair in such a way that the bruise gets hidden. However, if you do have short hair, you might want to use the other alternatives mentioned above.

Dress up

A scarf or a pair of stockings can go a long way to cover up your bruise, just make sure they sync in with your overall outfit.

Having a bruise in an obviously visible area of your body does not have to spoil your day or your plans. Use the above tips on how to cover up a bruise and ensure your day goes on normally.

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