How to Deal with Oily Skin as a Man

How to Deal with Oily Skin as a Man

Oily skin doesn’t only look bad; it can also cause a lot of acne. As a man, dealing with this skin type may not be easy. Not only do you have to determine which products you should use, you also have to implement a skin care routine. Although it will take some adjusting to, you can take great care of your oily skin and make it look better than ever.

1. Purchase Skin Care Products

There are now more skin care products available for men than ever. These are made for all skin types, so all you have to do is look for oily skin products. There are a lot of brands you can choose from, and some are more expensive than others. Read reviews online if you want to find out which is really worth your money, or else you will just have to try out different options.

The skin care products you will need to purchase include: exfoliating wash, soap, moisturizer, toner and body wash. All of these should be pretty easy to find so that you can get all you need in one shopping trip.

2. Use the Products!

Exfoliate your skin a few times per week in order to get rid of dead skin, dirt inside of the pores and other impurities that cause acne. Doing this regularly will also help reduce the amount of oils that your skin produces, so try to make sure you don’t forget about it. Each day you should be washing your face with the soap you purchased in the morning and at night.

After washing your face you should apply the moisturizer that you purchased in step one. Moisturizer that is made for oily skin will not cause more oils and can actually reduce it, so don’t think that skipping it will make your skin better. It only takes five minutes per day to wash your skin in the morning and at night. This time will be well worth it and can result in less acne, less oil and softer skin.

3. Avoid Touching Your Face

Avoid touching your face as much as you can, as this puts bacteria, dirt and oils pack into your pores. Although you can’t avoid touching your face all together, if you think about it during the day it will make a difference. Most people touch their face thousands of times per day, which adds up to a considerable amount of impurities going into your pores.

4. Watch What You Eat

Burgers, fries, onion rings and other fatty foods might taste great, but they are only putting more oil back into your skin. Not only will the oil from these foods touch the skin around your mouth when you eat, they will also come out through your pores when they go into your body. Eating healthier will help out a lot, even if it’s just for one meal during the day.

Tip – Use products made for men’s skin, and make sure you grab something that is suitable for your oily skin type.

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