How to Get More Protein in Your Diet

How to Get More Protein in Your Diet

When you’re losing weight and working out it’s extremely important to get a lot of protein in your diet. This will ensure that you are building healthy muscles and that they can grow without deteriorating. One problem a lot of people face is figuring out how to get this protein into their daily diet. Fortunately, there are a lot of different things you can do to eat more protein that will make a big difference with your muscle growth.


When you’re eating breakfast you can easily incorporate protein into your diet. For example, when eating eggs, try to add in some turkey sausage or fresh vegetables. These will increase the protein without making the meal unhealthy. You could also make cereal or oatmeal, but make sure you add in some protein powder to these. This will thicken it up, so make sure you add in more water to account for that.


Greek yogurt is one of the best protein-packed snacks that you can eat. It comes in tons of different flavors, can help regulate your digestive system and is very filling. Almonds and low-fat cheese is another great snack that is filling and full of lasting protein. If you want something a bit different, then go for roasted chickpeas sprinkled with salt.


Low carb wraps filled with meats and cheeses are perfect for lunchtime because they are low in calories and high in protein. There are a lot of different wrap options and all of them taste great! You could also eat a salad with some type of protein on it, including chicken or salmon. If you want to bump up the protein count even more, then add in any type of nuts that you like.


Grilled or baked proteins are the perfect choices for dinner. You could go with salmon, beef, tilapia, chicken or any other type of meat that you like. You should serve this with a side of brown rice and steamed vegetables. You could also have tofu lettuce wraps for dinner, as these are low in calories and extremely high in protein. There are a lot of different recipes for both of these dinners online.


Did you know you can have protein for dessert just like you can have it throughout the rest of the day? Protein shakes are great desserts because the powders come in so many different flavors. There are also a lot of different recipes online that will make sure that you don’t get tired of your protein.

You should have protein throughout the day, but especially after you build muscle with weight-bearing exercises. This will immediately provide your muscles with the building nutrients they need in order to grow bigger and stronger. Another benefit of getting protein when you need it is that you will feel less sore than you would otherwise. Getting more protein in your diet isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. There are tons of protein-packed foods out there that you can choose from and great recipes to use them in!

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