How to Heal Cracked Skin

How to Heal Cracked Skin

When your skin is dry and cracked, it can make you feel as if you are living in a stranger’s body and can cause you to feel a lot of discomfort. So if you are suffering from cracked skin, you are probably looking for ways to relieve it so you can start living your life normally once again. Before we get into how you can heal your cracked skin, it’s good to know what might be causing it in the first place.

What Can Cause Cracked Skin?

Before you feel like you aren’t normal because you have cracked skin, you should know that anyone and almost everyone will experience cracked skin some point throughout their lifetime. The most common time for a person to get cracked and dry skin is during the winter season when the weather gets really frigid and dry. Many people who are diagnosed with diabetes will also experience a lot of cracked skin as well.

How to Get Rid of Dry and Cracked Skin

1. Keep Your Hands Warm

During the winter is the most common time that you will experience dry and cracked skin and it is more than likely that you will experience it on your hands first. This will be painful and you will not like the way it will look. To prevent this or treat this, something that is important for you to do is to wear gloves. Harsh winds will cause your hands and skin to chap, which means you should cover up to keep that from happening. You should even wear hats and scarves to make sure your face and neck doesn’t chap either.

2. Petroleum Jelly

If you the corners of your mouth are cracked and suffering, a great way to heal this pain is by applying petroleum jelly to them. This will soothe the process and will make sure that when you open your mouth wide, you don’t feel that sharp pain that can occur.

3. Take a Saline Bath

A saline bath will surely help heal chapped and flaky skin problems that you may be experiencing. Fill your tub with warm water and then add six pounds of table salt or rock salt to the water. Be sure you allow all of the salt to dissolve before you get in. Get into the the tub and soak in there for about twenty minutes.

This will not only heal your skin but it will help you relax as well. Pat yourself dry with a towel, you want to avoid drying off as you normally would since the towel could irritate your skin further and wipe away the effects that the salt had on your skin. Apply olive or almond oil to your skin afterwards, it’s best if you massage it to your problem areas.

4. Exfoliate & Moisturize

Using lotion and moisturizer is great, only if you exfoliate your skin as well. Exfoliating will help remove any dry skin cells that are taking up space on your skin. This greatly prevents your skin from being healthy so exfoliation is very important! The best way to exfoliate your skin is with a loofah! This will help ensure that you are removing all of the dead skin cells. After you exfoliate, moisturize! This will help refresh your skin, meaning healing any dry and cracked skin situations that you are suffering from.

5. Switch Your Detergent

When you use detergent, it leaves residue on your clothing which is normal. However, detergent really means to take away oil from something and you don’t want the residue taking away necessary oils from your skin that you need to heal your dry and cracked skin problems.

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