Tips for Choosing the Right Moisturizer

Tips for Choosing the Right Moisturizer for You

Our skin can face a lot of dangers every day when it comes to the weather and more. This means that it’s very important to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized at all times to ensure that it’s safe. There are many products and brands out there that can make it difficult to find the right one for you. When choosing a moisturizer, there are a few things that you will need to consider and watch for such as:

• Feel- You will want to moisturizer to feel right on your skin. It has to make your skin feel comfortable, smooth, refreshed and healed from cracked and dry skin. The moisturizer should feel silky. But overall, it has to be what you are comfortable with.

• Smell- When choosing a moisturizer, it needs to have a smell that you find desirable. Whether that is a floral smell or coconut and vanilla, you should buy what your nose will love.

• Price- You don’t want to buy a moisturizer that is too cheap and you may not be able to afford the moisturizers that are really expensive. So price plays a big part of the skin lotion that you use.

• Your skin type- This is the most important part of choosing a skin lotion. You need to choose one that will solve any skin conditions that you may have. Whether that is dry skin, irritation or breakouts, you need to find a moisturizer that is strong enough to do whatever job you need it to.

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Moisturizer:

Smell Isn’t Everything
While it surely is intriguing, a great smelling moisturizer may not be what you need. Many choose to use a moisturizer that has a bland fragrance or no fragrance at all. This is because the chemicals that are placed in the body lotions that add a great smell can cause those with sensitive skin to breakout. So, when you pick up a moisturizer and smell it.. Don’t buy it just because it has an amazing smell. Read the ingredients and make sure the moisturizer will offer you more than just good smelling skin.

Hydration & Moisture
This is the most important thing that your moisturizer needs to do. There are many lotions out there that will just sit on your skin and leave a greasy and heavy feeling. This will do your skin more harm than it will good. Your moisturizer needs to replenish your skin and rejuvenate it. Moisturizer is supposed to make your skin feel light and not add any extra shine to your skin. The lotions needs to sink into your skin in a short amount of time and start hydrating your skin right away. If possible, test the lotion before you purchase it to make sure that it doesn’t sit on your skin or cause an unwanted shine. You also don’t want any product blocking your pores! That is very important.

Healing Your Skin
There are lotions out there for all skin types, that means that there is a moisturizer that is perfect for you. You just need to know what your skin type is. You either have a normal skin type, greasy skin type or a dry skin type. There are moisturizers out there that will heal any type of skin that you may have. Again, always read labels and test the product if you can. You want to be sure that you are getting a lotion that will do what you need it to so you can feel good about the skin you live in.

Paying for Your Moisturizer
The most important thing to remember is that just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. And just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s more about the product than the price you pay for it. You may end up paying a little more for something that is truly food for your skin. You need one that has a proper pH balance and is made with quality and great ingredients.

When buying moisturizer, it’s best to go with products that are or have the following:

• Gentle- You don’t want a product that is too harsh for your skin and will cause irritation.

• Oil-Free- While this sounds like what you should be buying, an oil free moisturizer may not supply you with enough moisture.

• Glycerin- This ingredient will help retain the moisture in your skin.

• Jojoba Oil- The oil will seal water into your skin which means your skin will stay hydrated longer after you take a shower.

Moisturizer is very important for your skin but it won’t be any good for you if you don’t choose the right type for your skin. Follow the guidelines above and always try to test a product before you buy it so you can be sure that you have the absolute best moisturizer for you!

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