Top 10 Tips for a Camping Trip

Camping is a favorite pastime of many. What is incredible is that many travelers do not consider camping outside of their home country. That being said, there are many different camping options that are quite diverse all over the globe. Be sure to consider carefully what locale you choose and take into account some of the camping tips below to not fall into the common pitfalls that many travelers do when selecting where to go camping internationally.

Top 10 Tips for a Memorable Camping Trip  

  1. Consider Unique Geographic Locations:
  • Teepee Camping in Idaho: One entertaining idea is to diversify your type of tent when camping. Due to the multitude of Native Americans in the United States, there are still many reservations that have Native Americans that still use teepees. Consider this a unique way to start off your camping adventure in the United States.
  • Camping in the Northern Lights of Iceland or Norway: There are many options for camping in both Iceland and Norway near the Northern Lights. Be sure to take advantage of these sights because the views that you will be able to experience in the crisp air of one of the most beautiful sights in the world will be quite extraordinary.
  • Eco-Camping in Patagonia, Chile: Patagonia has a very eco-friendly culture. This is why it is fun to try alternative Eco-Camping in Patagonia for a unique experience. It will be better for the environment and a great way to enjoy Patagonia.
  • Big Sur, California: Big Sur is an ocean-front cove that is along California’s Pacific Coast highway. What makes Big Sur special is that there are many camping grounds near the ocean for a great experience. Surfers can camp and go surfing while enjoying the joys of camping outdoors.
  • Miyajima, Japan: Miyajima, Japan is a place that is open to camping during all parts of the year. It is only a short boat ride to Hiroshima and even has friendly domesticated deer that relax on the beach for campers to enjoy.
  1. Verify the Currency that You Need to Bring: The recommended locales above come with very different currencies. For the United States, you will need USD and for Patagonia, you will need the Chilean Peso. In order to camp in Iceland, you will need the Euro and for camping in Norway, you will need the Norwegian Krone. Lastly, for Japan, you will need the Japanese Yen. Exchanging these from your GBP before departure is a wise way to get the best possible exchange rates for your trip.
  1. Assess the Amount of Hiking You Need to Do: If you plan on hiking, be sure to remember that you will be carrying the majority of your items up to the campsite. Be sure that you are conservative with what you are packing so that you will not have too much of a burden while you are trying to enjoy your hike.
  1. Assemble a List of What to Bring with You:
  • Cooking Items: Cooking items are a great idea if you want to hunt where you will be camping and dine with views of your campsite.
  • Tent & Sleeping Bag: There are many high-tech ways to transport a reliable tent and sleeping bag. This is something that will serve you well when you are camping in the colder months of the year.
  • Mosquito Repellent: This is a must for your trip regardless of where you go in the world. Avoiding mosquito bites will make your trip pleasant across the board.
  • Sufficient Change of Clothes: Make sure that you have enough clothes for your trip so that you are comfortable for your entire camping holiday.
  • First Aid Kit: In case of emergency, it is always wise to take a first aid kit with you.
  1. Be Sure You Have Powered Your Electronics: There are many ways to have battery chargers when you are in areas with little to no electricity. It is highly recommended to either charge your electronics or to purchase a battery charger so that you are able to take pictures of your trip.
  1. Make Sure the Right Group of People is With You: It is never advised to go camping alone. Thus, be sure that if you are bringing friends with you, that they are people that you easily get along with. This will position you to be in good spirits your entire holiday.
  1. Realistically Assess How Long You Should Stay: Sometimes travelers get overly ambitious about how long they can survive camping. If you are coming from the UK, it is wise to plan carefully since it is such a long flight back from so many different parts of the world.
  1. Research Wild Animal Dangers Nearby: If you are camping without an experienced guide, then you need to be aware of the various dangers that present themselves while camping in the area that you are intending on camping in. This way, you will avoid common mistakes that campers make that are not native to the area they are camping in.
  1. Be Sure You See a Doctor Beforehand: There are certain parts of the world that will require medicine in preparation for camping. It is best to see a travel doctor in order to acquire the proper medicine and/or vaccines that you will need for your trip.
  1. Allow Time for Relaxation and Reflection: When camping, be sure to take time to relax and enjoy where you are located. That is one of the most important aspects of camping is taking in the locale that you traveled quite far to see. Keeping this in mind will enhance your experience a great deal.

Final Remarks on the Subject

Be sure that you take the aforementioned tips into account when contemplating where to go camping. Additionally, if you do decide to go camping internationally, you will find that there are many wonderful places that are open to you. The key to having a successful camping holiday will be related to exchanging the proper currency before you go. Using a holiday money provider, you can ensure that your expenses will be covered whilst you are on a camping holiday in a beautiful locale.

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