Why and When to Use a Shimmer Body Lotion

Why and When to Use a Shimmer Body Lotion

There are many different types of lotions that you can use for your body and chances are, you’ve tried a number of different products. One type of lotion that many women enjoy using is shimmer lotion. This is a lotion that you rub onto your body and it will leave a glitter appearance on your skin. It’s not as easy to see on your skin as you may think but it does leave a very nice glow!

If you have never used a shimmer body lotion before, you may be wondering why someone would want to use it. And when would you really want your body to shimmer and shine? Below is all you need to know about using these products to make your skin look great!

Why Use a Shimmer Body Lotion

Using a shimmer body lotion can make your skin shine and glow in ways that you have never even imagined. The goal of a using a this type of body lotion is to give your skin a warm glow when the light hits it at a certain angle. If you are trying to have younger appearing skin, you should give this type of lotion a try. When the light hits any of your imperfections when you are wearing shimmering lotion, they will be much less noticeable.

The glitter won’t be colorful on your skin. It will be more of a white or silver color. It’s not supposed to make your skin be glittery, it’s just supposed to add a subtle glow!

When to Use a Shimmer Body Lotion

There are many different occasions where a shimmer body lotion would be perfect. If you are going out dancing with your girls in a club, a shimmer and shine on your skin would look perfect. If you are going to a nice dinner on a first date, adding some shimmer to your body could make your date think that you look absolutely stunning.

It is best to use this lotion when you are going to be in medium to darker lighting. As in if you were going to be clubbing or in a dark restaurant. If you were to wear it when the sun is really bright, it will be very bright on your skin which isn’t what you really want. Try to keep in mind that it will have a different effect on your skin when you are sweating! So try to keep body sweat under control when you go out with this lotion on.

Tips for Apply Shimmer Lotion

Before you put your clothing on, you should allow your lotion to dry completely. This is very important! If you don’t allow it to dry, your clothes will rub it off right away and you won’t get the full effects of the lotion. You don’t want to use a product that leaves your skin too glittery. Shake your product before using it to ensure that the shimmer is mixed in well with the lotion.

Great Shimmer Products to Try Using!

Sephora has a great shimmer body lotion that doesn’t leave your skin too shiny! Victoria’s Secret also has a great product that also contains SPF if you were to be out in the sun while using it. Both products will also moisturize your skin! It’s best to apply them to your arms, chest and legs if you are wearing a skirt or dress.

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