best Ice Auger

Best Ice Auger

An ice auger is an essential ice fishing device that is designed to drill clean, tight and precise holes through ice. Currently, there are many different types of ice augers that are available at widely varying designs and prices. But all of them essentially have a large screw that is turned and driven through the ice before being pulled out of the freshly-made hole, taking the excess ice with it. They can also be categorized into two major groups: hand augers and power augers.

Hand augers are the most popular type of fishing augers. They are cheap to buy and maintain, which makes them a perfect choice for the occasional angler. Their only downside is that the ice cutting power comes from you (the user), and this means that there is a limit as to the size of ice that you can cut through.

However, advances in technology have significantly improved the workings of hand augers, and it’s now much easier to use these devices. Newer models have curved blades that tend to stay sharp for longer and more convenient, adjustable offset handles. Apart from being easier to operate, they cut ice more easily and smoothly than older models.

Power-driven ice augers are more expensive and require more maintenance. They may also spook fish in shallow water. But they can cut holes through thick ice more easily and require much less effort on your part. When taken good care of, they can last for years.

If you are planning to invest in an auger for your ice fishing expeditions, you need to acquaint yourself with the best ice augers on the market.

Top 5 Best Augers

Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger

This has got to be the fastest and most comfortable hand auger ever made. It uses uniquely-shaped chrome-alloy stainless steel blades, and a powder-coated auger unit that minimizes ice build-up, making this auger the only hand auger that can drill through a refrozen ice fishing hole just like a fresh hole. Its telescoping, adjustable handle shaft features an ergonomic design that provides total comfort and ease of operation by adults and children alike.
With these superior features, it’s no wonder the Lazer hand auger has remained the number one choice for both ice fishing professionals and amateur enthusiast around the world.

Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger

This hand auger comes with the special, razor-sharp StrikeMaster chrome-alloy stainless steel twin blades that offer five times more in terms of performance than competitive brands. Its cushioned top knob and cushioned grip handle provide exceptional cutting comfort.

Mora Hand’s telescoping handle can be adjusted from 48″ to a maximum height of 57″ which means that the auger can be comfortably used by both adults and children.
You can choose between StrikeMaster Model MD 6 (which is 6″ in height) and StrikeMaster Model MD 8 (which is 8″ in height).

Eskimo Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger

This is definitely one of the most powerful, stress-free motor-driven ice augers available. It features a high-performance 8000 RPM Viper engine, which provides adequate power to get through thicker ice. The primer button (for quick starting), foam-grip handle bars and its fingertip throttle control makes it very easy to operate. It comes with a see-through gas tank, so you can monitor the fuel level.

Strikemaster Ice Augers Electra Lazer 12000 DP Auger

This is another great ice auger from Strike Master. It uses a rechargeable and environmentally safe battery to power its twin serrated stainless steel blades that are very effective in making clean holes in the ice. You can recharge the battery in three different ways; you can plug the wall charger into an external power source, use the car battery charger or simply plug it into your cigarette lighter. The auger’s Tufflite Dupont Zytel handle offers easy, comfortable operation.

Unlike other electric/battery-operated ice augers out there, Electra Lazer 12000 DP Auger is quiet and does not produce any harmful fumes or gas.

Jiffy PRO 4 PROPANE Powered 8” Ice Auger- 40-08-ALL

This is a quite but powerful gasoline-powered ice auger that packs lots of superior features, including a commercial-grade, 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine, High Toque Transmission, heavy-duty clutch and optimum gear ratio, long-lasting blades, and a rugged construction. You also get to enjoy a 1 year limited warranty with this product.

How to Use an Ice Auger

Useful tips:
(a) Choose the right ice auger. If you are fishing for smaller fish in a little thinner ice; a hand auger will be enough. But if you are fishing for larger fish in thicker ice, you need to get a motorized gas or electric auger. Electric auger tends to do a better job since it’s light and more environmentally-friendly. Don’t forget to charge the batteries and carry an extra set of batteries if you decide to use an electric auger.
(b) Ensure the blades are sharp. Use the right sharpener to sharpen the blades.
(c) Avoid dropping the blades onto the icy surface. This can dent, warp or blunt the cutting edges.
(d) Dry and lubricate the blades between uses to prevent rust. Use a good lubricant to prevent rust.
(e) Ensure the blade screws are snug before use. Loose blades can alter the pitch, reduce precision, or cause an injury.
(f) For a motorized auger, ensure the color bolt it tightened at the point where it attaches to the motor.
(g) For a manual auger, avoid leaning your body weight onto the auger. Try using your strength to turn the blades.
(h) Make sure you remove the auger from the hole if you have to momentarily stop boring. Leaving your blades in a partially-bored hole can cause it to freeze to the ice.

5 More Ice Augers

Eskimo Sting Ray Quantum Ice Auger

This is surely one of the smartest motorized augers you’ll ever find. It uses a highly effective, high-performance 33 cc Viper engine with quick response starting, and comes with fingertip throttle trigger, transparent gas tank, durable paint finish, and a blade protector.

StrikeMaster Lazer Synthetic Hand Auger

This is a top quality hand auger that is very powerful and light. It features cushioned, adjustable and ergonomically designed handles, ultra-light rugged synthetic flight and blade carriage, and extremely effective stainless steel blades.

Eskimo 2-piece Ice Fishing Hand

This is a wonderful lightweight ice auger that has some really sharp and replaceable, stainless steel blades. Its spinning grip offers easier augering and it can break down, so you can comfortably transport your auger.

ION Electric High Performance Ice Auger

This is another great electric auger that comes with all the features you would want from an electric-powered ice auger, including an onboard, high energy lithium battery, large ergonomically-positioned trigger, easy-grip handlebars, compact, light-weight transmission and a 12-inch auger extension.

Eskimo Shark Z71 Ice Auger

This is an extremely powerful motorized auger that is designed for reliable starting in cold weather. It is fitted with the exclusive Viper engine and dual symmetrical, serrated quantum for faster, balanced and controlled ice cutting.

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