how much data does texting use

How Much Data Does Texting Use?

Working with a small data plan can be a pain the ass for anybody these days. We are all so addicted to our phones that using it without any data plans seems inconceivable.  I mean, most of us will rather text someone rather than calling it.

But if you find yourself in a financial strap, could you still text and not be afraid that your cheap data plan will suffice until the end of the month? Do you know how much data does texting use?

There is a way to find that out pretty quickly and on your own.

For iOS phones:

Go to Settings -> Tap Cellular -> scroll until you see System Services -> see how much data Messaging Services uses.

For Android phones:

Go to Settings -> Tap Apps -> Scroll down until you find Messages and tap on it.

All in all, messaging is taking very little out of you data plan. So little that I can’t really put it better than the user HiRez did it on the MacRumors forums here:

Let’s put it this way, if each message takes up 1K (and it’s probably much less than that on average), and you send or receive 1 message every minute you’re awake (16 hours a day) for a whole month, you’d use 29 MB for those 28,800 messages

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