Use Your Hobbies to Save Money & Gain Additional Income

Today persons wanting to stay ahead of monthly bills and commitments and who may also want to travel or treat family, the regular income may not cover all of the outgoings. However, some hobbies are able to help in saving or in generating additional income to make the treats or trip a reality.

Grow Food to Make & Save Money

Fruits, vegetables and herbs are always in demand in the household. So if someone has a container garden with herbs, these fresh herbs can be used in the kitchen and will be no need to purchase them from the supermarket or other places. When there are excess fruits, vegetables, the extra can sold around the neighborhood or to a Farmers’ Market or hotel or restaurant.

Design Greeting Cards

For persons who like to design and have a knack for crafts and creativity, greetings cards can be created for special occasions rather than spending at the stationery store. This hobby requires a good printer, card stock paper and any scraps of cloth, colored paper, shells and any other item of your creative choice. The cards can be made for birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Weddings, Christmas and any other special occasions. If other persons express interest in the cards, then this can grow into a business where special cards are made upon request.

Culinary Enthusiasts Can Bake & Cook to Make Money

Baking at home saves money from purchasing store bought breads or cakes which sometimes have exceeded the shell-life. People who love to bake can also offer to bake cakes, cookies, pies or tarts for special functions as a way to make extra money. For those who enjoy cooking, submitting bids to cater for small functions can be profitable but it is important to weigh the expenses so that costs are covered.

Sewing, Knitting & Crocheting Generate Income

Having a sewing machine and knowing how to operate it well can help a family save money especially if any family member wears uniforms. By sewing for the family, it is easy to gather a few customers in the neighborhood, at the children’s school or at the workplace. From knitting and crocheting, which are excellent hobbies, it is easy to make doilies, dresses, sweaters, wall hangings and other item which can be used at home or sold. These items can also be entered into exhibitions or fairs in competitions which may have cash prizes.

Hair Braiding at Home

In the Caribbean, most of the primary or elementary school-aged children wear braids or cornrows of their natural (with no extensions) to school. A braided hairstyle for a child can cost a minimum of US$20 at most hair salons. It is much more cost-effective for women to braid their children’s hair at home. If the braiding skills are good and one can also braid extensions, then taking a few customers at home will bring in some extra money.

While hobbies can help a family to save and attract extra income for the family, it is important to remain balanced in the home life. If a hobby starts to take over the time spent at home or at work, then the hobbyist would have to decide to take the hobby to a small business level.

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