Can You Microwave Styrofoam Containers?

Question: Can you put Styrofoam in the microwave? Is Styrofoam microwavable? Is microwaving Styrofoam safe for you?

Short Answer: No, you shouldn’t microwave Styrofoam.

Long Answer: Even though the Styrofoam containers won’t melt on their own, the heat from the content inside them will melt it. And you will end up with contaminated food or your plate will have a big whole in it, or both of them. You can see how it goes in the video bellow:

The big problem with Styrofoam is the fact that it’s a product of Polystyrene foam, mostly used for¬†insulation. Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer made from the monomer styrene, a “known carcinogen”, especially in case of eye contact, but also in case of skin contact, of ingestion and of inhalation, according to several sources.

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