Transfast Money Transfer Review

There are things that happen unexpectedly and the need to send money urgently is inevitable. Luckily, gone were the days when sending money would take days before it could reach the recipient. The process has been made easier and simpler that there is no need to head out to your bank and fill out paperwork. All you need is an internet connection, a credit card or a bank account.

One way of sending money fast is via online money transfer. And one of the leading money transfer service provider on the internet is the Transfast.

What is Transfast? – A Short Review

Transfast is a money transfer company with its head office at New York, the USA, and other offices in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. The company is offering cross-border payments and is capable of multi-currency for easier transactions of consumers and businesses worldwide. The remittances are processed via the exclusively maintained direct-to-bank network. Furthermore, Transfast is offering as much as 200,000 payout points in over 120 countries.

Why deal with Transfast?

There are so many reasons why you have to choose Transfast when you transfer money online. First of which is because Transfast has a long history when it comes to money transfers. The company has been in the money transfer industry for over 25 years and it is safe to say that they already know the ins and outs of money transfer.

Another reason why you will love Transfast is because of its simple transfer process. For 25 years, Transfast has striven to make the consumers’ life easy when sending money across the world and there are 3 simple steps to do such. First of all, is that you have to select the country where you are sending the money and how much your recipient will be receiving.  There are more than 50 countries Transfast is capable of sending the money. Then you will enter the information of the recipient and the payout. There are several pick-up options Transfast is providing and these are through bank transfer, cash pick-up, home delivery, deposit to a cash card, and bill payment. However, you must check with the website first prior to the selection of payout options because, for the case of home delivery and bill payment, it is only available to selected countries. Lastly, you need to fund the money transfer. To be able to do so, you are required to supply Transfast with your personal and bank information.

When it comes to security, Transfast can guarantee you that all of your personal and bank information are safe and secure because, as they say, they value their customer’s privacy and data security. Furthermore, Transfast is regulated by the government of the US and Canada as well as other regulatory agencies and third-party privacy organizations. Other than that, the company is continuously monitoring its platform for any fraudulent activities and out of the ordinary transactions.

Lastly, Transfast is offering competitive rates when it comes to exchanging currencies, hence you will be getting a fair exchange of money.

Overall, Transfast is reliable, fast and has the best exchange rate when it comes to online money transfer.

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